Soil or ground resistance measurements are directly related to the amount of corrosion activity in the soil. Low resistivity causes increased corrosion potential that often requires protective treatment. Underground utilities often require cathodic protection to reduce the effects of soil corrosion. Soil resistance measurements help the design engineers to provide the proper amount of anti-corrosion protection.

Resistivity measurements also affect the design of electrical grounding grids, which must manage and protect structures from electrical currents. Grounds are used to discharge these currents before damage can occur to structures or people. Therefore, ground resistance measurements are essential to help insure a correctly designed ground. Although a simple geophysical method, soil resistance testing must be done correctly to insure that good quality data is acquired.

When performing soil resistance testing, GTS uses an AEMC Model 4620 digital tester to run modified Wenner 4-point resistivity profiles at the locations of proposed structures or utilities. These field resistivity data are recorded and input into a standard GTS spreadsheet and provided to the engineers designing the grounding grids or cathodic protection for utilities. Our fieldwork and spreadsheets provide a thorough record of the geophysical and physical data that should be provided to the design engineers.

In the case shown below, GTS ran five soil resistance profiles over the site of a proposed airport surveillance radar tower for the design of a grounding grid. The figure below shows an example of the reporting provided by GTS for soil resistance testing:

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