GTS’ Environmental Group commits its broad-based talents to support public- and private-sector projects by evaluating any adverse impacts on the environment and developing solutions to protect sensitive areas and remediate problems. With a knowledgeable staff that encompasses the major environmental disciplines, GTS has the resources to take most projects from conception through construction.

GTS Stream Team (Watershed Management and Restoration)
Recognizing the multi-disciplined nature of watershed assessment, planning and restoration, GTS has assembled a team of water resources specialists with diverse backgrounds to enable us to deliver a full range of products and services. Individual Stream Team members have training and experience in geomorphology, biology, hydrology, hydraulics, soils, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, geographic information systems, environmental and civil engineering, and community relations. Staff members have completed hands-on training in the natural stream channel design methods pioneered by hydrologist David Rosgen of Colorado. Vegetative restoration design techniques, including bioengineering approaches to streambank stabilization, are also performed.

Environmental Site Assessments and Site Characterizations
GTS’ staff has extensive knowledge of the environmental site assessment processes and procedures for both Phase I and Phase II assessments, along with a depth of experience that comes from a 35-year history of working within the transportation arena. Our services range from field screening methods to intrusive multi-media sampling for laboratory analysis, and we have a history of developing creative environmental solutions to reduce costs and avoid wasted effort.

Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
GTS’ environmental team has a well-rounded knowledge of community ecology and wildlife habitat assessments as well as an understanding of abiotic and biotic components (soils, geology, water, nutrients, producers, consumers, and decomposers). GTS has provided habitat assessment and habitat designs for both terrestrial and aquatic systems and has performed numerous assessments for both state and federal threatened, endangered, and special concern species of flora and fauna.

Wetlands Identification, Delineation and Design
In addition to habitat community assessments, GTS has extensive experience performing wetland identifications and delineations in accordance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Wetland Delineation Manual (1987) and Section 404 of the 1977 Clean Water Act. GTS has been involved with numerous projects requiring clearance under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969. GTS has also designed replacement wetlands as well as wetlands that provide natural treatment systems for highway stormwater runoff.

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)
GTS frequently designs Best Management Practices to prevent or reduce water pollution for stormwater management, watershed protection and treatment of runoff from various sites and operations.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS has become an excellent tool to assimilate land use, watershed, transportation and environmental information into planning activities as well as many other useful applications. GIS combines databases with mapping capabilities, enabling an impressive array of information to be readily available at the stroke of a computer key.

Public Involvement
Public and media relations have taken on a bigger role in today’s environmental projects, and GTS’ staff is adept at putting together all the components of an effective program. Public involvement activities can be as simple as holding a public meeting or as complex as developing an interactive web site, conducting community surveys and focus groups, creating newsletters and planning special events.

Geophysical Investigations
GTS has sophisticated geophysical capabilities, which can be useful in detecting buried tanks and drums, abandoned landfills, water tables, and groundwater contaminant plumes, for example.

Air Quality and Noise Studies
Staff is experienced in conducting air quality and noise studies for public transportation projects as well as private industry applications.



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