Land Development


Striking a Balance

At GTS form and function complement each other. Each unique site suggests forms and ideas that allow us to partner our rock solid technical solutions with amenities to intrigue, surprise, and delight users: hillside stabilization becomes a hiking trail or picturesque vista, stream diversion flows into a naturalistic water sculpture, site drainage and retention basin provide wetland habitat and trail system/boardwalk. GTS' innovation translates into greater project marketability and higher per unit prices.

Our dedication to balance allows us to mediate between a developer's desire to maximize a site's potential and a town's commitment to preserve open space so everyone wins. We have developed relationships with permitting agencies and have the experience to get your project on track for permitting.

Urban Planning

GTS has a long history of serving local, state, and federal governments as they plan for growth, development, revitalization and/or preservation. GTS excels at creating sustainable designs and enhancing the partnership between private industry and local government. Our urban planning capabilities range from municipal master plans and economic revitalization concepts to retail/commercial and park/recreation amenities.


Our holistic approach to site challenges perpetuates economic, ecologic and aesthetic solutions. By using materials appropriate to the project, we come in on budget with a finished product that will endure. By working with the forces of nature, we control the project's performance through cooperation, enhancing permitability. And by remembering that trees grow, we create landscapes that continue to inspire as they mature. In short, GTS' Land Development Team is a value-added partner focused on the maximum yield on investment dollars.

Return on Investment

GTS excels at completing projects on time and within budget. We understand the value of a project and we treat our customers the way we want to be treated: fairly, competently, and creatively. Our bottom line is the optimal solution to maximize our client's return on investment.

•  Survey Boundaries and Topography
•  Compile Site Inventory
•  Conduct Geophysical Investigations
•  Prepare Environmental Analyses
•  Site Layout / Reconfiguration for Residential, Retail / Commercial & Mixed Use
•  Slope and Drainage Provisions
•  Sensitive Environmental Recommendations
•  Analyze Code Requirements/Variances
•  Design Landscaping and Site Features
•  Prepare Land Development Plans
•  Provide Civil/Hydrologic Engineering
•  Obtain Permits/Approvals
•  Conduct Project Completion Certification
•  Prepare Feasibility Studies
•  Compile Demographic Studies
•  Master Planning/Urban Planning
•  Brownfield Investigation & Re-use
•  Zoning/Ordinance Preparation
•  Town Planning/Public Involvement
•  Construction Inspection, Administration

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