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Marcellus Shale


GTS is an untapped resource to support natural gas development in the Marcellus Shale Play in Pennsylvania. For 50 years, GTS has been providing precisely those technical services required to bring this vital resource to market in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Our professional staff brings proven, results-oriented expertise to clients in the energy industry. We protect natural resources and fragile habitats while enabling development to exist in harmony with the earth’s natural resources.

Environmental Studies/Permitting

Our environmental and permitting experience is extensive. We provide full NEPA and natural resources anaysis services as required by regulatory agencies. We are proven permitting and regulatory experts.


GTS has formidable experience in engineering geology, soils/rock mechanics, foundation engineering, embankment stability analysis, and drilling oversight. We specialize in state-of-the-art geophysics and maintain an in-house soils lab.

Civil/Water Resources

GTS has in-depth expertise in stormwater BMPs, erosion and sediment control, NPDES, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, watershed studies, wetland mitigation and full civil/site/utility planning and design.


GTS has depth of experience in all facets of surveying, ROW and mapping using multiple crews with PA-registered surveyors. Our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art survey technology, including robotics.

The following documents provide additional information on our Marcellus Shale-related services:

Marcellus Shale Services
  • PADEP GP-5, 7, 8 Permitting 
  • PADOT HOP/Driveway Permitting
  • Army Corps Engineers Permitting
  • SRBC Water Withdrawl Approvals
  • PNDI Evaluations/Documentation
  • Terrestrial/Aquatic Ecological Investigations
  • Water Quality Investigations
  • Natural Stream Restoration Wetland Replacement and Enhancement
  • Stormwater BMPs
  • Erosion & Sediment Control/Approvals
  • AML/AMD Consulting
  • Environmental Testing/Monitoring
  • Public Involvement/Media Relations
  • Geotechnical/Geophysical Analysis
  • Hydrogeology/Groundwater Protection
  • Impoundment Design
  • Drilling/Boring Programs
  • Embankment Stability Analysis
  • In-House Soils Lab Drill Pad Siting/Design
  • Access Road Location/Design
  • Pipeline Survey/ROW/Mapping
  • Contract Documents/Bidding
  • Project Management/Coordination
  • Construction Inspection/Administration
  • Baseline Sampling and Testing

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