GTS Technologies, Inc. specializes in non-destructive, non-invasive geophysics for subsurface investigations with clients throughout the eastern seaboard and upper mid-west of the United States. We have conducted geophysical surveys at landfills, airports, industrial facilities, homes, historic sites, quarries, bridges and roads to resolve environmental, site development, mining and geotechnical problems. Our commitment to providing a timely, quality product to satisfied clients has earned us a superb reputation.

GTS provides surface geophysical surveys including ground penetrating radar (GPR), terrain conductivity, electrical resistivity profiling, very low frequency (VLF), magnetics and vibration monitoring.

Typical surveys include:


Mapping top of rock, fractures, faults, voids and cavities, pinnacles, mineral deposits, sand and gravel deposits, clay layers, and lithology;


Mapping mine workings, landfills, underground storage tanks (USTs), utilities, trenches, and graves;


Evaluating groundwater availability, contaminant plumes, acid mine drainage, saline intrusion, and spring catchment areas;


Evaluating rock quality, sinkhole potential, soil corrosion potential and conductivity;

Field Operations with SuperSting

Inspecting highways, bridges, sewers, airport runways, dams, rail beds, rebar and concrete structures;


Locating and monitoring subsurface zones vulnerable to pollution, leachate leaks at landfills, and other groundwater and soil pollution.

Most projects require a fine sense of which geophysical methods work best at a site, and GTS is well known for applying the right geophysical tools to get the best results.

We are specialists - geotechnical engineers, geologists and environmental scientists. We understand the objectives of our clients, and we tailor an investigation to meet the individual project requirements. Geophysics may be a full or partial substitute to more costly and time consuming methods such as borings, direct push and test pits. An archaeological site does not get the same treatment as a landfill! The nicest compliment we get is when the client says a job is well done and it saved them time and money.

Electrical Resistivity
Terrain Conductivity
Very Low Frequency
Spontaneous Potential
Seismic Refraction
Ground Penetrating Radar
Vibration Monitoring
Soil Resistance Testing

Bedrock Delineation
Ground Penetrating Radar
Groundwater Availablity
Mining 1
Mining 2
Sinkhole Investigations
Sinkhole Investigations 2
Soil Resistance Testing
Underground Storage Tanks
Vibration Monitoring

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