GTS has in-depth knowledge and experience in hydrologic and hydraulic analyses. Our key personnel have experience throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Our experience includes floodplain studies, storm drainage design, wetland delineation/ mitigation, stormwater management, sediment and erosion control measures, sizing of bridge and box culvert openings, scour analysis, and safety inspection of dams, as well as inundation mapping using Dambreak analysis.

Our key personnel at GTS Technologies also have experience in river engineering, stream channel restoration, relocation, and mitigation, and bridge scour analysis and mitigation. We have performed hydrologic & hydraulic design for over 200 bridges and other major structures. GTS has employees on staff formally trained in natural channel and fluvial geomorphological design using Rosgen principles. Staff members are experienced in runoff; infiltration and groundwater fluctuation quantity and quality monitoring/modeling; and the preparation of reports of design memoranda. The staff is experienced in HEC 1, HEC 2, HEC 3 & 4 (updated by HEC 19), HEC 8, HEC 18, 19 & 20, HEC-RAS, DamBREAK, TR 20, and TR 55.

GTS has worked with municipal and private clients to provide safe yield determinations and water quality certifications for source supply development. We routinely perform groundwater and surface water flow measurement and water quality monitoring services for water supply, wastewater discharge, and other water resource issues including the treatment of acid mine drainage discharges.

GTS has been involved with the National Flood Insurance Program since 1978, first as a study contractor, and more recently as a technical evaluation subcontractor. During this time, GTS has produced detailed flood insurance studies for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for nearly 60 communities within the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware. The studies involved hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, field surveys and the preparation of draft reports for technical review with respect to FEMA criteria. Engineering services include hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, hazards and risk identification, and special engineering investigations. Analyses to determine the effects of the proposed project on flood and erosion hazards, including tidal influences will be completed using criteria set forth by FEMA.


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